Seeds Foundation in Tezpur drawing the great initiatives for environment & the people


Tezpur, October 20: “Make a difference, each day you live; Open your heart, Learn to give..”, these are the few lines from ‘A Helping Hand’ – A poem with a sublime message of humanity by Ray Hansell.  Through the inspiration of such excellence, the grandeur of beauty belonging to human, Seeds Foundation starts some endeavours as social service.

Seeds Foundation, based at Charmile in Tezpur, Assam, is newly founded NGO whose service is rendered to promote environmental awareness, put concern on social issues, aware the people about sustainable development,  helping poor & needy people on humanitarian grounds. It is also trying to create some new environment through cultural activities in rural areas,  without any motive of profit.
Debashish Sarmah, from Seeds Foundation, stated that the registration process has already begun for this foundation & soon they will have a registered organization. “Apparently, we have already started some of the activities since our organization came into existence in the year 2019.” Says Mr Sarmah.

Image Courtesy- Debashish Sarmah

Although, Seeds Foundation has been carrying out many drives & initiatives so far. Environmental issues are a global concern at present. It’s high time to take initiatives to increase earth’s green cover. Therefore, the foundation starts tree plantation across their locality as well as in Tezpur area. Along with this, cleanliness campaigns have also been organised by them, which aims at making people aware of the importance of cleanliness. Similarly, as its blossoming of ideas, they have also taken initiatives of drawing competitions & quiz competitions among school students on account of Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti etc. Now they are planning to help the poor & needy people who could not manage the basic requirements to live, with warm clothes in this winter season. Therefore, they have made an appeal to people to donate clothes, books or plants during this festive season of Diwali. Seeds Foundation is bound to provide the donations needy the needy & do plantation according to the promises to take care of the environment, as they have stated. For which they also seek the help, support, guidance, advice & donation from the civil society. If interested one can also donate & for any query they are available at: 8402880631 (Tirtharaaz).


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