Durga Puja begins in Darrang amid intensively tightened security

Personnels on Naka Checks

Mangaldoi, October 6: Amid the sparkling celebrations of Durga Puja, Darrang Police tightened the security measures to ensure a worry-free environment for the public. Police personnel are seen dominating almost each every corner of Mangaldoi town along with BSF and SSB Jawans and Assam Police battalion forces. Similar measures have been spotted in other parts of the district as well.

Darrang’s Superintendant of Police- Shri Amrit Bhuyan has been seen inspecting the district thoroughly. His relentless efforts and briefings are marked as the key driving forces which have encouraged the officers, constables, and Assam Home Guard personnel to be more vigil throughout day and night to prevent any anti-social elements from causing disruptions in the puja celebrations.

Intensive Naka Checks, wide, rigorous and attentive patrolling are applauded by many spectators from the public. Friendly behaviour of the personnel-on-duty plays a key role in maintaining a better police-public relationship which was quite evident with the smiling faces of people being hindered during Naka check. which can be considered as a notable signs of the thriving quality of modern policing in Darrang.

A passenger who was seen exchanging some words with some police personnel said:

There is nothing wrong if we are asked to halt for 5 minutes, we should respect the efforts of the brave-hearts who are working day and night for our own safety while we are enjoying the festival with our family.

There is no doubt that the recent changes in the MV act have enormously improved the situation of the road-safety rules violations. However, road rages, drink and drive cases might become a reason to be worried about during this puja. We the team of Assam Bulletin convey our warm wishes to everyone and request everyone to be careful about the road-safety issues.


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